Global Credit Portal

The Global Credit Portal

The Global Credit Portal® is a dynamic, Web-based solution that brings together both fundamental and market-driven measures that span the credit spectrum to support efficient risk-driven analysis and alpha discovery.

  • Evaluate your potential risks
    with breaking news stories, opinions, and both longer-term and point-in-time indicators of creditworthiness.
  • Enhance your analysis
    with industry snapshots, cross-company comparisons, fixed income pricing, and early-warning signals of credit deterioration.
  • Boost your productivity
    with information tailored to your specific interests plus a wide range of analytic tools, graphs, and charts to quickly assess the latest developments.

The Global Credit Portal is an efficient, workflow solution helping users make more informed decisions by providing access to a wide range of capabilities in one, integrated offering.


Provides access to a spectrum of credit risk measures including in-depth credit ratings and research, Credit Default Swap (CDS) spreads, S&P Market Derived Signals and credit-adjusted fundamentals.



Offers independent and transparent valuations across asset classes for global fixed income securities and hard-to-price instruments. Includes access to end-of-day pricing, historical valuations and terms & conditions data.


Insurance Markets

Supports underwriting, brokering, risk management, independent analysis and financial governance in the global insurance industry. Includes a news service on (re)issuers and Insurer Performance Benchmarks.


Enterprise Solutions

Offers the ability to merge your own information sets with a customized selection of S&P's proprietary data through an Excel Add-In to evaluate potential over-exposure, ultimate obligors, probability of default and more.


Featured Events & Education

Developing a Corporate Credit Rationale

Reviews the six must-have skills to create and defend a corporate credit rationale, helping you better evaluate today's risk challenges. The course is taught by industry practitioners with a deep understanding of credit markets.

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